10 years of astrology

Something I love more than the thrill of a new love is astrology. Call it pseudoscience I could never tell you that it’s not but no one can rip it from me. It’s ingrained in my spirit. I can only tell you from my own placements how it has worked for me. I only use […]


It’s embarrassing to admit but I hope that this helps someone. I am a jealous person, I know you care about me so why do I not feel good enough? I know this is my own issue and I will improve it by nurturing myself more. I feel a terrible guilt whenever I get a […]

My Mistake

Forgive me for I was mistaken. Life hadn’t been kind to me in a long time, must be because I never took any risks. I felt suspicious as of why you were in my path. You want me and care for what I feel. You value me as no one else had. I am sorry […]

Better now

I didn’t want to face the ugly truth, you never liked me like I liked you. And I knew it. I cried all the tears I had to and now I see I’m better off without you. We don’t want the same things and my mistake was believing I could change your mind. I was […]

A sad start

You aren’t god-sent as I thought. You certainly aren’t perfect. Your worst trait is your selfishness and indecision. I may have cried, heaven knows I did. I cried as far as to taste my salty tears. But I already did and you are the past I don’t ever want to recall. I am happy to […]

Que ganas…

Que ganas de estar en mi casa sin perturbaci贸n alguna. Que ganas de evadir la realidad como siempre lo hago. Que ganas de estar acostada y quedar sedada por el sue帽o. Que ganas de escribir, que ganas de que mi descanso sea eterno. Que ganas de poderte expresar lo que siento. Que ganas de que […]